Collection: The POGO Collection

Over the past three years, the Good Hood Club has forged a meaningful partnership with POGO. It is an honour and privilege to work alongside POGO in support of children with cancer.

Together, we have created a specific collection in honour of POGO, its partners and the community they serve. This collection is being offered to staff, volunteers and friends of POGO at a discounted price. 

Please wear your POGO hoodies, supported by the Good Hood Club, with pride!

NOTE:  This round of orders will close on August 18 and will not re-open until a later date. You can expect to receive your order 3-4 weeks after August 18.

We appreciate your patience and support!

If you are able to pick up your order at the POGO office, and would like to benefit from free delivery, please use the code "POGOSTAFF" in the “Gift card or discount code” box on the right hand side of the order form. Otherwise, you can select an alternative shipping method.

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