An opportunity to bring the Good Hood Club to your community, raising funds and awareness for childhood cancer.  


We are a club rooted in our values of comfort, charity and championship. We are always looking for ways to engage our community to achieve this, specifically through collaborative opportunities, which allow us to maximize our impact by raising funds & awareness for childhood cancer.

Community collaborations are inclusive of all different kinds of communities. We have engaged in community collaborations with schools, corporations, sports teams, private clubs, collegiate committees etc. Each partnership is unique and designed to reflect the community we are engaging.



There are two branches for engaging in a community collaboration: 


Consult with the Good Hood Club to create unique promotional products for your community. 
The process:
  • Consult with our team to design & create products that fit your communities criteria
  • We will streamline the entire manufacturing process for you; you don't need to worry about anything.
  • You are charged on a per-unit basis, depending on a variety of factors. The cost will be negotiated/outlined before officially placing the order.
  • Your products will be delivered to your door, and you may distribute them through your preferred distribution channel.


Create a custom, co-branded collection alongside the Good Hood Club for your community.

The process:

  • Consult with our design team to create a collection of products that showcase your community.
  • The products will be launched on our website in the form of pre-orders for a fixed period of time to ensure efficient inventory management.
  • Good Hood Club will promote the sale of these products & create marketing materials with the support of the community.
The primary difference between the two methods is who is responsible for the promotion, distribution and payment. In a consulting collaboration, the order must be a lump sum, which is promoted, distributed and paid for by one individual/entity. In a collection collaboration, however, the Good Hood Club will be responsible for promoting and distributing the products, and payment will be captured on an individual customer level. Although, if minimum order quantities are not met, the person who initiated the collaboration will be responsible for covering the remaining cost.



Collingwood, ON 
The Osler Bluff Ski Club (OBSC) community was struck with tragedy when 9-year-old member, Hunter Chamberlain, was diagnosed with DIPG - a rare form of incurable brain cancer. 

Quickly, the OBSC rallied behind Hunter. Specifically, they partnered with the Good Hood Club to create a unique collection in Hunter's honour, trademarked by Hunter's infamous rainbow drawings. Together, we sold over 900 Hunter-branded products, cultivating a community of unwavering love and support for Hunter and her family. 

The sweaters were all sold online at the Good Hood Club and available to all members of the OBSC community. Ultimately, $13,000 was raised for POGO in Hunter's honour. 
In loving memory of Hunter Chamberlain, who passed away on June 21st, 2022, after her journey with cancer. Hunter will forever be remembered for her contagious smile and love for life. The Good Hood Club is honoured to have known Hunter. She is an outstanding and influential ambassador for us. She taught us a sincere appreciation for life. We love and miss you dearly, Hunter. 


Toronto, ON
Prime Quadrant is a Toronto-based investment office. Inspired by the work of the Good Hood Club, Prime Quadrant wanted to join the Club through community collaboration.

Prime Quadrant consulted the Good Hood Club to create custom co-branded Prime Quadrant and Good Hood Club hoodies and crewnecks. We created unique and versatile designs for Prime Quadrant, which they distributed amongst their employees, clients and other community members. 

Through a community collaboration with the Good Hood Club, Prime Quadrant successfully spread warmth while raising funds and awareness for childhood cancer, a cause important to their community. 


Toronto, ON
Branksome Hall, an all-girls private school in downtown Toronto, collaborated with the Good Hood Club to create their own collection of hoodies and crews for their community. 

Like many communities, many Branksome Hall students, faculty and family members have been affected by cancer. As a result, they sought an opportunity to give back to this cause in significant ways. 

Together, a team of Branksome Hall students and the Good Hood Club created a unique Branksome Hall collection. The Branksome Hall collection was available to all members of the community; however, it was special to Branksome Hall students, as it was an approved part of their special Friday uniform. Every Friday, you can spot many Branksome Hall students sporting their custom GHC sweaters with tremendous pride.