Comfort is universally valued, but it means so much more for the childhood cancer community. It represents a source of strength and perseverance. At the Good Hood Club, we champion this by creating physically comfortable products that highlight a deeper meaning.

About Us

The Good Hood Club is a  loungewear company that donates 50% of its profits to Pediatric Oncology initiatives, most notably to the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO). Co-founders, Eloise & Chloe, founded the company at Queen's University with the goal of providing comfort to their community, while championing those impacted by childhood cancer. 

You're stronger than you think.

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"We are a brand built on the values of comfort, charity & championship"


    While comfort is universally important, those affected by childhood cancer have a particular affinity for symbols of comfort. The Good Hood Club creates loungewear products founded on these principles.


    As a club, we aim to work towards a future without the burden of childhood cancer. To date, we have raised $100,000 for childhood cancer initiatives, which fund research, and financial and social support for those affected by childhood cancer.


    We are a club. Together, we champion the childhood cancer community, honouring courage, resilience and strength. We are there for each other to honour, encourage & uplift all those affected by childhood cancer.

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