The Good Hood Club is a loungewear company dedicated to championing pediatric oncology. Through loungewear, we champion those affected by childhood cancer. Through donating 50% of our profits to childhood cancer initiatives, we raise both funds and awareness for the cause. 

Chloe Staines (left) and Eloise McIntosh (right) 

Meet the Co-Founders

Eloise McIntosh and Chloe Staines met during their first year of university while studying Commerce at Queen's University's Smith School of Business.

They met during Orientation week and instantly developed a unique bond. For the next four years, they became each other's shadows. They lived together and took every class together - including their third-year digital marketing class, where the Good Hood Club was born. Very few moments were spent apart over these four years. 

In 2021, Eloise & Chloe graduated from Queen's University with Bachelors of Commerce (Honours). However, unlike many of their classmates, Eloise & Chloe took a tremendous risk upon graduation. They decided to pursue a career in entrepreneurship, working on their small business, the Good Hood Club.  

 To this day, Eloise and Chloe continue to alongside one another at the Good Hood Club, growing the business, and most importantly, raising funds and awareness for childhood cancer.  




It All Started with a Class Project...

In their third year of university, Eloise & Chloe were tasked with building an e-commerce-based business for their digital marketing class. For weeks, they thought: "what on earth are we going to create." Then, as they sat their in their most beloved hoodies, they came up with the idea to create hoodies that did GOOD. 

Inspired by Eloise's journey with cancer, the Good Hood Club was born, an e-commerce company that creates loungewear products to do GOOD in the childhood cancer community. 

Quickly, the girls untapped a hidden nexus between loungewear, comfort and childhood cancer advocacy. To date, the Good Hood Club has cultivated a huge community of support, united by symbols of comfort. 


Eloise's Story

The Good Hood Club is inspired by Co-Founder Eloise's journey with cancer as a young teen.

When Eloise was 14, she was unexpectedly diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. After her diagnosis, Eloise underwent 4 rounds of chemotherapy alongside countless procedures and surgeries. Now, she is over 8 years; however, the journey to survivorship has been far from easy. Chemotherapy, numerous procedures and surgeries, the emotional turmoil of cancer as a teenager, and the enduring long-term effects of treatment, have often left Eloise feeling defeated. 

Constantly, Eloise sought ways to feel comfortable. Whether it be the comfort of her home, friends and family, or physical sources of comfort, comfort was paramount. 

More often than not, Eloise found comfort in an oversized hoodie and beanie to keep her bald head warm. And this was the vision behind the Good Hood Club. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to do GOOD through HOODs. Specifically, we strive to use symbols of comfort to highlight a deeper understanding; the understanding that while comfort is universally valued, it means so much more for the childhood cancer community. It represents a source of strength and perseverance.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world without the burden of childhood cancer. Through our commitment to childhood cancer advocacy, we hope to contribute to help alleviate this burden, ensuring each child and their family has access to the care and support they deserve.

Our Accomplishments


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