Ep. 1: Mikayla's Fight Story

Ep. 1: Mikayla's Fight Story

Welcome back to the Fight Club! In our first (re-vamped) episode, we sat down with Mikayla Krezek to share her Fight Story.
Last spring, when Mikayla started to experience knee pain, she assumed it was from a sports injury. However, as her knee pain loomed with no precise diagnosis, doctors began searching for more complex answers.

Eventually, after bouts of physiotherapy, plenty of MRIs & biopsies and months of constant knee pain, Mikayla was diagnosed with something unimaginable, cancer. At only fifteen years old, Mikayla was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's large B-Cell Lymphoma, cancer of the lymphatic system.

In a matter of moments, Mikayla's typical teenage world was turned upside down. Before she even had time to process her diagnosis, Mikayla was relocated to Toronto - a 7-hour drive from her hometown of Sault Ste. Marie. Since then, she has been living between hotels and the Ronald McDonald House.

Mikayla is now nearing the end of treatment with optimism. Mikayla is proud to share her story and hopes it inspires others. She encourages people to remember their strength and power to overcome adversity. While initially, Mikayla did not think she would be able to fight her cancer, she quickly learned otherwise. After just one round of chemo, Mikayla's fear diminished. She finally uncovered that she was much stronger than she thought.

Please join us in congratulating Mikayla on her remarkable journey. Mikayla is an inspiration to all that have the pleasure of hearing her story.


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