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The Anuraj Crew


The Anuraj Crew is named in honour of POGO ambassador, Anuraj.

At 16 years old, Anuraj was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a type of blood cancer. In 2020, Anuraj was hired as a Facilitator for the POGO Survivor to Survivor Network. His workshop Coping With the Cognitive Effects of Childhood Cancer Treatment targeted at survivors 16 years and older touched on strategies to manage cognitive impact and identifying and connecting with sources of support.

“After weeks of throbbing headaches and a tooth infection, I woke up one morning extremely lightheaded and short of breath. I was taken to the emergency room where a blood test revealed something more serious, starting my 3.5-year cancer journey. Despite the difficulties and complications I experienced throughout treatment, I have been cancer-free since March of 2019! I’m extremely grateful for the position I’m in today, which is why I feel an obligation towards helping others. As a POGO Facilitator, I work to help survivors progress to the next stages of their life and overcome any barriers associated with pediatric cancer.” - Anuraj

Despite being cancer-free, Anuraj’s journey is far from over. Nearly 60% of survivors will experience complications either due to the disease itself, complex surgical procedures or the rigorous rounds of radiation and chemotherapy they were given during treatment. Anuraj will continue to be supported by POGO throughout his life through regular visits to one of seven POGO AfterCare clinics in Ontario.

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