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Inspire Kids Hoodie


The lnspire Kids Hoodie is a part of our Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM) Collection and specifically honours children suffering from brain and spinal cord tumours 🎗(Model is wearing a size M)


Brain and spinal cord tumours are the 2nd most diagnosed cancers among children in Canada. Furthermore, brain and spinal tumours are the leading cause of cancerous deaths among children in Canada. These types of cancers are serious and require immediate medical attention.

Brain tumours occur when healthy cells are mutated, spurring the rapid growth of these abnormal mutated cells. Together, these cells form a tumour in the brain. There are many different types of brain tumours, each requiring unique treatment plans, making them very difficult to treat.

After decades of in-depth research, brain tumours in children have a survival rate of approximately 60%. The challenge, however, is even the children who survive are faced with devastating long-term consequences. Enhancing the quality of life in these children requires substantial resources, including access to quality specialty care, clinical trials, follow-up care and rehabilitative care. 

Thank you for your purchase and for honouring the accomplishments and challenges of childhood brain and spinal tumour patients, their families and survivors in Ontario and beyond.

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