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Emelia's Crew

Emelia's Crew

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Emelia’s Crew is inspired by childhood cancer champion, Emelia Graham. 

Emelia was diagnosed with medulloblastoma (a brain tumour) when she was four years old. During her treatment, she stopped growing and developed double scoliosis. As a result, she had to wear a body brace for 23 hours a day for most of elementary and high school. It has been almost 20 years since her diagnosis but she is still monitored regularly for long-term effects at a POGO AfterCare Clinic. She sees an ophthalmologist for cataracts, a neurologist to keep an eye on two benign tumours that remain in her central lobe and a cardiologist to monitor the irregularities in her heart. Her doctor at the POGO AfterCare Clinic streamlines all of this information and helps her organize and understand it.

“It is very comforting to have one person whose job it is to keep an eye on everything as a whole and not just the individual parts. I feel lucky that I have my family, friends, doctors, schools and organizations like POGO to help me find my path.”

Survivors of childhood cancer in Ontario have lifelong access to a POGO AfterCare Clinic that knows their history and monitors their health for things that might arise due to the cancer or the treatment they had. Head to the Fight Club podcast to listen to Emelia share her Fight Story.

Please note: the model is 5"7 and wearing a size L 

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Club Collection

For the past 6 months, we have been working on the Club Collection, all knit and sewn, here in Toronto. And finally, it is ready to be shared with all of you.

The Club Collection is 100% designed by us. From hand selecting the perfect fabrics, to crafting unique silhouettes and designs, to now, sharing this collection with the CLUB. We are incredibly proud of our work. 

Welcome to the CLUB!

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    The Good Hood Club is a loungewear company dedicated to championing childhood cancer, most notably through donating 50% of our profits to various childhood cancer initiatives.