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The Denise Hoodie



The Denise Hoodie is named in honour of POGO nurse, Denise.

Denise Mills, MN, NP Pediatrics, is the POGO Provincial Clinical Lead for Pediatric Oncology nursing. She works at The Hospital for Sick Children in the Solid Tumour, New Agents and Innovative Therapy, MIBG Program. She is co-chair of the POGO Nursing Committee and a past member of the POGO Board of Directors. Denise is also a recipient of a POGO Seed Grant to fund her study Improving Quality and Consistency in Family Education Prior to First Discharge Following a Pediatric Cancer Diagnosis. Denise has been in practice for 26 years.

When I was 16, a friend was diagnosed with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma and he went through treatment in an adult oncology centre. He was so nauseated with chemotherapy he started to gag whenever he entered the hospital. At one of his therapies, his nurse met him at the elevator and said, “Today we are going to a different room to give you your chemotherapy.” She led us into a room with lots of natural light coming through big windows and overlooking a river running behind the hospital. He still had nausea, but it was far less during that chemotherapy round. I had witnessed something amazing: it was nursing at its core. That is what brought me to pediatric oncology and what keeps me in this practice—the patients and their families, as well as the amazing team that I am privileged to work with. And where else can you go to work and get hugs and high fives (from the kids) all day long?” - Denise

The POGO Research Unit undertakes research activities that focus on specific priorities within the spectrum of childhood cancer control. It focuses on the areas of epidemiological studies, health services research, health economics and status of survivors/quality of life. Denise’s research, currently waiting publication, proposed a novel video-based education program for parents and caregivers to improved understanding and confidence to care for children newly diagnosed with cancer, after the first discharge from hospital.

*The Denise Hoodie is forest green with light lavender artwork* 

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