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About Us

The Good Hood Club is a loungewear company dedicated to championing childhood cancer, most notably through donating 50% of our profit to pediatric oncology initiatives. 
Our Story
Our mission is inspired by Co-Founder Eloise's journey with cancer as a young teen. At only fourteen years old, Eloise was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Now, Eloise is seven years cancer-free; however, the journey to survivorship has been far from easy. Chemotherapy, countless procedures and surgeries, the emotional turmoil of cancer as a teenager, and the enduring long-term effects of her treatment have often left Eloise feeling defeated. As a result, Eloise repeatedly sought ways to feel comfortable. Whether it was the comfort of her own home, a hug from a friend or simply the warmth of an oversized hoodie and beanie, comfort was paramount. 

 Fast forward to university when Eloise and her university best friend, Chloe, were tasked with creating an e-commerce based business for their Digital Marketing class. As they both sat there in their most beloved hoodies, they thought, "how can we make our love for hoodies meaningful?" Immediately, Eloise's memories of cancer flashed into her mind. 

 The girls untapped a hidden nexus between loungewear, comfort and childhood cancer advocacy. Since then, the Good Hood Club has cultivated a community of support united through symbols of comfort. The Good Hood Club has raised upwards of $100,000 for pediatric oncology initiatives, alongside countless in-kind donations, all while raising awareness for childhood cancer. 

Meet Our Co-Founders


Eloise McIntosh


Eloise was diagnosed with cancer at 14 years old. While this diagnosis was incredibly challenging, Eloise sought opportunities to transform her pain into a broader purpose. For the past seven years, Eloise has enthralled the childhood cancer community. She has raised upwards of $300,000 for pediatric oncology initiatives and has served as an invaluable ambassador for the cause - it is her true passion. Still, Eloise remains devoted to this passion through her professional work with the Good Hood Club.


Chloe Staines


Chloe has always been committed to the notion of community. Whether as a member of her high school student council or a vibrant member of her university executive clubs, Chloe is a spirited leader. Chloe's passion for forging meaningful relationships while promoting social good is evident. It is no surprise that after meeting Eloise in university, Chloe immersed herself in the childhood cancer community, eventually inspiring her to help found the Good Hood Club.  

Our Milestones

Since being founded in 2019, the Good Hood Club has served as an invaluable supporter of the childhood cancer community. 
raised for pediatric oncology initiatives. 
in-kind donations distributed to children and their families
amount of love and support from the childhood cancer community 

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