Reintroducing the Fight Club: 03.11.22

Reintroducing the Fight Club: 03.11.22

The Fight Club was founded in 2019 as part of the Good Hood Club's official "vlog" platform. Fight Club was established as a forum to share various "fight stories" stemming from an abundance of adversities. Our goal was to inspire, motivate and uplift members of our community through the power of storytelling. Every story was unique, each uncovering a thoughtful and powerful lesson.

Fight Club took a hiatus amidst the pandemic. Our lives got busy, and we shifted our priorities to finishing our final year of school. Ultimately, however, we sincerely missed Fight Club, and all it stood for.

As a result, we are excited to bring the Fight Club back, continuing to spread our mission of doing GOOD in our HOOD.

Going forward, we will launch episodes every Monday as a source of motivation to kickstart your week. Our first episode will launch Monday, March 13th - stay tuned!
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